04. A Grocery Store Hug

R.O.G. Return on Generosity
R.O.G. Return on Generosity
04. A Grocery Store Hug

04. A Grocery Store Hug: The Alchemy of a True Connection

“What you’ll find is that there is no such thing as a stranger once you give a card.” 

Guest Info:

As President of Cheryl Rice Leadership, Inc., Cheryl Rice inspires women to be leaders in their own lives. For over 20 years as coach, speaker, and writer, she has helped women cultivate leadership presence, develop confidence, and establish mindful approaches to work and life. She is the author of Where Have I Been All My Life? and has published essays in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Chicago Tribune. Cheryl founded the You Matter Marathon – No Running Required, a global kindness and community-building program. Cheryl holds MS degrees in Counseling and Organization Development and a certificate in Positive Psychology. Cheryl is also an avid trash picker-upper, Karen Carpenter fan, and dark chocolate lover.

Favorite quote:  Love well. Be of service. And step forward into the mystery with all your heart and soul. — Rabbi Yael Levy



For more information about the You Matter Marathon, visit YouMatterMarathon.com.

For more from Cheryl Rice, check out  CherylRiceLeadership.com and listen to her TedX talk. 

For more information about R.O.G. Return on Generosity and host Shannon Cassidy, visit bridgebetween.com.


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