1/3/2022 Ep. 55 – The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast: Lawrence Folk

The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast
The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast
1/3/2022 Ep. 55 - The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast: Lawrence Folk

His award-winning voice has been described as “sheer perfection” (Lesley Mitchell-Clarke – WholeNote Magazine) Over 45 years Larry Folk has written and performed in a variety of styles. From simple folk ballads to the swinging standards of the American Songbook, Larry delivers the goods with style, ease and emotion.

A great story teller, Larry’s ability to write lyrics that create stunning visuals for his listeners is matched perfectly to his masterful acoustic guitar playing. When he began performing regularly in Toronto’s coffeehouses in the 70’s, Larry’s early songs mused about love and the beauty of the vast Canadian wilderness, but didn’t shy away from more serious subjects such as the unjust and misinformed treatment of North America’s Indigenous Peoples. In the 80’s he sang on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill and at Toronto City Hall during rallies to end Apartheid in South Africa, performing his original song Amandla! Ngawethu! (Power to the People!)

Larry’s songs continue to challenge the status quo, confronting our complex relationship with the planet (Take What You Want From the World) political divisions (Feeling Lost in America) the loss of innocence (Woodstock Nation) and his response to Covid 19 (A Hit of Love). His piece Nunca Mas was written in resonse to the Atrocities inflicted on the citizens of Argentina by the Military in the 70’s. The title is the name of the committee formed to investigate what happened, and translates as “never more.”

Larry began his recording career in the 80’s releasing albums and singles that span a variety of genres including CCR, Pop, Rock, Country, Celtic/Roots, and Jazz. His 6th studio album In The Moonlight sees Larry returning to his folk roots. Upcoming plans include two follow-up folk CDs Embracing Folk and Thru a Dark Lens (both coming in 2022)

In The Moonlight includes a new version of Gathering of Friends, a song of good-bye that has been a listener favorite since its release on his 1997 album Caught In The Light. A re-release of that album with new takes and alternate mixes is slated to coincide with the album’s 25th anniversary in 2022.

He has performed with Cape Breton’s John Allan Cameron, legendary soul-singer George Olliver, country artist Rena Gaile, a cappella jazz group Hampton Avenue and as a session singer on recordings by Susan Aglukark, John McMurchy, CBC TV’s A People’s History and on commercial jingles. He was a chorus member on the Rita MacNeil Show, (CBC TV) and subsequ