10. No Need to Compare

The Visibility Factor
The Visibility Factor
10. No Need to Compare

10. No Need to Compare 

In episode 6 I talked about imposter syndrome; today’s episode is the continuation of the review of all the impostor syndrome types that were discussed in my book The Visibility Factor. This episode going to focus on the third type of impostor syndrome: Image Judger (a.k.a) someone in comparison.

In this episode:

  • Everyone compares themselves to others at one time or another.
  • What does someone who is an image judger look and feel like?
  • Discussion of an article by Joshua Becker called: A Helpful Guide to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.  
  • Ask yourself these key questions to build awareness of where you are judging your image against other people.
  • How much time is wasted on comparison?  
  • Suggestions to stop focusing on comparison and instead focus on your own successes.


  • Click here to listen to Episode 6 – “Fear and Impostor Syndrome.”
  • Click here to read “A Helpful Guide to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others” by Joshua Becker.
  • Click here to read “How to Stop Comparing Myself to Others on Instagram” by Tish Weinstock.
  • Click here to buy the book Loving What Is by Byron Katie.



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