12. Creating Leader and Team Visibility (with Jen Fox)

The Visibility Factor
The Visibility Factor
12. Creating Leader and Team Visibility (with Jen Fox)

12. Creating Leader and Team Visibility (with Jen Fox)

Jen is the Director of Service & Operational Compliance at Terminix and a 17-year veteran people manager in the pest control industry. She has led teams in both the field and HQ across multiple functions. She is known for connecting people, her passion for the pest industry, and choosing the best approach to help her team build trust with field facing teammates in stressful situations.  

In this episode:

  • Jen shared how she started in her career at Terminix.
  • We talked about the things that the pest control industry and Terminix are doing to bring more women to the field.
  • Jen shared some of the biggest influences on her as a leader.
  • The top traits that Jen sees in leaders.
  • Her biggest success as a leader are the connections that she has made.
  • Jen shares some great ideas on how she keeps her team who is located all over the US connected and maintains their engagement.
  • She shared how great her current work culture is and how she supports the development of her team.
  • The types of things that she does to be visible and to help her team to show their value.  

RISE Up and Be Visible Quick Tips:

  • Jen shared so many practical approaches that she uses to lead her team, how she helps them to be engaged and visible!

Her book recommendations were:

Jen’s Contact Information:



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