16. A Story of Validation, Being the Mama Bear, and Healing Lyme with Brooke Rash

Kicking off season two, Liza interviews Lyme warrior Brooke Rash. Brooke is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and beauty and wellness expert. Despite her fortune today, Brooke didn’t always have the financial means to support her family’s medical needs. She shares the story of how she exclusively focused on her son’s clean diet when she could not afford his autism therapies. Validation came years later when her son’s doctor changed his diagnosis. Ultimately, Brooke and her son were both diagnosed with Lyme disease, the underlining disease to both their conditions.

You’ll also hear more about Brooke’s Lyme journey including mystery symptoms and treatment with whole-body hyperthermia. Learn how Brooke’s determination and mindset continue to help her heal through her on-going recovery from Lyme disease. Plus, Brooke shares what she is most grateful for in her personal story – she is awakened.

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