25. Life’s Not Easy, But It Doesn’t Need To Feel So Hard

Do you ever wish life could flow seamlessly and not be so hard? In this episode, Liza invites spiritual practitioner, Beth Gordon, to share her story of empowerment. The beauty of Beth’s story is, it revolves around a very relatable moment of stress and feeling paralyzed by fear. While transporting her ill father across the country, she experienced “the flow” of ease and infinite possibilities by simply getting presents. When we are stuck in fear and anxiety, we actually wall off this natural flow, which is always here to support us. Panic and stress cut off our easy access to life. To experience this natural flow of ease, we first need to be open, and then we need to get present. Listen to Beth’s story and start igniting your own natural flow of infinite possibilities.  

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Connect with today’s guest Beth Gordon. Beth is a spiritual practitioner and the founder of Bella Mind Body Spirit. You can also reach her at 630-834-0581.

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