38. Moving Teams Forward (with Mark Kenny)

38. Moving Teams Forward (with Mark Kenny)

Mark Kenny works with executive and leadership teams who need to embrace forward change, together, so their organizations can thrive amid change and disruption. Mark brings almost three decades of experience, first in IT and operations, followed by founding a software company, and later in keynote speaking and consulting. For the past ten years, he has worked with leaders to create healthier, more cohesive teams and organizations. Mark is the author of The Hippo Solution.

In this episode:

  • Mark shares his thoughts on issues within organizations about teams and how they’re working together.
  • He speaks about challenges leaders have leading a remote workforce.
  • He shares how he assesses a senior team who isn’t trusting each other, who isn’t working well together to help them move past that situation.
  • He talks about things he has done to help people come back to the room and have those types of conversations versus doing back channels or trying to have them outside of the room.
  • He shares how he would help leaders who don’t feel like it’s their job to bring a team together come to a different conclusion.
  • Mark explains a situation he had been in involving groups that had disagreements.
  • He shares what he believes to be the top three issues in companies right now.
  • In terms of visibility, Mark explains what he has seen leaders do in companies to either be visible or recognize that it’s important.

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