38. Seasonal Wellness Tips to Guard Your Wellbeing during the Weather Transition of DOYO

Kefi L!fe
Kefi L!fe
38. Seasonal Wellness Tips to Guard Your Wellbeing during the Weather Transition of DOYO

38. Seasonal Wellness Tips to Guard Your Wellbeing during the Weather Transition of DOYO

Seasonal Wellness is rooted by living in the season, and not resisting it.  This seasonal transition is referred to as DOYO in ancient Chinese Medicine, and here to tell us more is Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Christiana Cagnoni. Christiana will shed light on the 5 elements of DOYO focus on the spleen, stomach, centering self, family, and home.  You’ll learn what is the color of this transition period.  Which foods should you be eating, and if your lips are cracked, what could this mean? 

An important thing to note for Seasonal Wellness is the aspect of digestion. It’s beneficial to give your digestion tract a rest. Eat like a king at breakfast, lighter at lunch and consume as you’re a pauper at dinner.  Remember, movement is your best friend.  Stagnation is the number 1 killer of people, as it does not allow the organs to function optimally. 

Time to center yourself with the help of Christiana Cagnoni. 

Christiana Cagnoni


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Γη — Gi (Earth)



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Christiana Cagnoni is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She has been in practice since 1983.  She has worked in Chicago, Illinois for 35 years, northern California and for the past 24 years Prescott, Arizona. Her practice, Healing from the Heart consists of traditional therapies such as Acupuncture, Herbal Remedies and Medical Qi Gong, which is her specialty, along with having a Masters Degree in Shiatsu/Anma therapy. Her practice is designed to “help you help yourself”.  Her in-depth in-take and wellness program is designed specifically for the individual.  She developed the first International Shiatsu Summit held in the suburbs of Chicago and created Manna Vida Center for Wellbeing.  She also developed a raw food company for healthy eating called Matter of Flax, that sold products internationally. Christiana Cagnoni M.T.C.M., C.M.S.T., C.S.T.


Today’s Ola Kala Moment:

Today’s Ola Kala Moment suggests the option of Acupuncture for pain relief.



Currently Christiana sees patients in person in Prescott, Arizona as well as doing evaluations and teaching of the 6 Healing Sounds of Qigong via the internet.

If you are interested in knowing more about Christiana or her work please contact her via phone, 928-308-0880 or by email, christianacagnoni@gmail.com.



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