Ep. 53 – The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast: The Diamond Business

The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast
The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast
Ep. 53 - The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast: The Diamond Business

Gerry Hauser, CEO of Hadar Diamonds, a private, family owned online diamond e-tailer of certified diamonds. He is also the founder of “Bucket of Diamonds,” a new online diamond brokerage system and co-founder of the La Jolla Diamond Company. For over 34 years he has been known as an authority in the diamond industry and is widely recognized as a trusted consumer advocate.
Mr. Hauser is a sophisticated advisor and diamond investor who has been published in The Gem Market Reporter 1978 and 1979, Precious Stones Newsletter in 1978. While the United States was experiencing raging inflation fears in 1979, he turned his attention to marketing GIA certified, high quality investment diamonds to hard asset investors hedge against inflation. From there, Mr. Hauser observed a demand for diamond brokerage services. This prompted him to co-found the La Jolla Diamond Company in 1976—a respected diamond supplier in La Jolla, CA that advised consumers on how to buy and sell diamonds for aesthetic and investment purposes. In 2000, Gerry revisited the brokerage concept as demand for diamonds sky-rocketed, and still continues to, throughout the world. To assist serious buyers, he developed an exciting and innovative new system called “Bucket of Diamonds,”—an online small commission-based diamond brokerage service that allows the public to buy and sell as if they themselves were bona fide trade members.