Ep. 7 – The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast-Brian Holmes, Director for Doctor Fosters

The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast
The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast
Ep. 7 - The Jiggy Jaguar Podcast-Brian Holmes, Director for Doctor Fosters

How the Pandemic Stimulated the Desire to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle
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Would you be interested in speaking with Brian Holmes, Director of Doctor Foster’s and health advocate, on how the pandemic stimulated the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle?

41% said they experienced health problems in the last 12 months that impacted their quality of life, 23% described their diets as unhealthy, and 52% said they were concerned about the amount of time they spend indoors on digital devices. 65% of respondents acknowledged they have become more conscious about their immune health as a result of COVID-19. As a result, 76% of consumers said they planned to eat and drink more healthily due to the virus, and 75% indicated they plan to lead an overall healthier lifestyle.

The importance of Selenium in fighting viral infections is an obvious resolution being taken up by healthcare professionals on a global level. Selenium is required by the body to make proteins that are critically important for preventing damage to tissues caused by inflammation. There is good experimental and public-health evidence that low intakes of selenium can increase the virulence and mutation rate of some viruses by failing to control inflammation.

Brian Holmes, Director for Doctor Fosters, knows the secret to nature’s best insurance policy, pulled together through 45 years of research to pinpoint vital nutrients that make your body resilient to mutating viruses and depleting illnesses.