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Into the Dawn
Into the Dawn
Paul Chamberlain - Smart Funny Tortured

Creative his whole life. Depressed for part of it. Successful for most of it. And formerly down for throwing it all away. Paul Chamberlain emerged from years of physically and financially draining passion projects reckless, suicidal, and struggling as a husband, father, and creative. It was from a low point of separation from his family and virtual bankruptcy, that he recognized his story of victimization and chasing illusory overnight success was terminally toxic; especially for creatives.

Today, thanks to love, grit, and a blend of traditional therapy, plant medicine, and holistic fitness, Paul lives a happy balanced life with his wife and two children. He is the co-founder of the Cerebral Itch Creative Agency, a boutique creative shop that specializes in brand design and social media strategy serving a roster of high-profile entertainment clients. He is also the creator and host of the upcoming podcast, Smart Funny Tortured that engages with creatives on when they broke down, broke through, and how they now peacefully(ish) coexist

In this episode we discuss:

  • what caused his breakdown and how he moved forward
  • why a job and financial stability would not be the solution after his breakdown
  • why being creative can cause suffering
  • why the old modality of business and creativity does not work and how the new modality will sustain you
  • the difference between logo and branding
  • how he works with people to help them understand how to operate and work from a healthy space
  • what shame looked like for him and what makes him vulnerable
  • what actions you can take to balance business and creativity

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