The Music Industry Rant

Today on Back to the ’80s radio, Toscano & Chang go off on the music industry, in particular, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

Special guest today is, Victor Levine of ForceField Studios in Los Angeles. Victor is, among other things, a music business insider – studio manager, personal manager, music supervisor, producer, engineer, songwriter, musician – whose survivor skills and knowledge of sound recording are the basis for writing the Spec Time Trilogy.

A big thanks to ForceField Studios for sharing the music of Jon Cells with his hit:

‘Wild Dreams in July’- A James Stroud Production

Jon Cells– guitar and vocals

Warren Rider – vocals

James Stroud- drums

Kathy McKee- harmony vocals

Adam Taylor- engineer

Produced by James Stroud and Alex Major.

Mixed and mastered by Robert Margouleff and Aaron Zepeda.

Produced by Nashville Producer/Drummer, James Stroud

(Marshall Tucker Band)

Mixed and Mastered by Grammy-winning Producer, Robert Margouleff

(Stevie Wonder, DEVO, Oingo Boingo)

Recorded at Northstar Studios, Boulder, Colorado 1980.

All rights Reserved ForceField Studios

Listen to ‘Wild Dreams in July’