Hoppe Hour

Hosted ByRyan Hoppe

Ryan Hoppe is the host of the award-winning "Hoppe Hour" podcast. It's a circus of a radio show, in podcast form!

Hoppe Hour is the two-time award-winning podcast hosted by Ryan Hoppe. One part of the show consists of rants about the world of celebrity news, the other part consists of one-on-one interviews with radio hosts and comedians.

Hoppe Hour has made headlines on multiple occasions!  And while the show was created for everyone, the motto makes it clear that it’s especially for the “Hard Working Average Joe & Jane That Grind In Life.”

Content details: This show sometimes contains adult language/themes.

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Hoppe Hour: Terry Jaymes from Lex & Terry

Terry Jaymes from the nationally syndicated “Lex and Terry” morning show called into Hoppe Hour. He talked about how the show is doing, how he first met Lex, his long career in radio, and more!

Hoppe Hour: Fred from Fred & Angi in the Morning

Fred from “Fred and Angi in the Morning” on 103.5 KISS FM in Chicago called into Hoppe Hour. He talked about his radio career, his relationship with Angi, his everyday life, and fake outrage!

Hoppe Hour: Soul Brother Kevin

Soul Brother Kevin from “Drew Garabo Live” on 102.5 The Bone sat in on Hoppe Hour. He talks about getting his foot in the door in Orlando, working his night show, the crazy antics he has been through, and more!

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Hoppe Hour: Matt Fernandez

Tampa Bay comedian Matt Fernandez sat in on Hoppe Hour, live at the Cox Media Building in St. Petersburg. He talked about opening up for Doug Benson, and if he does shows high. He also talked about growing up in Florida, why he is sick of Florida, and…

Hoppe Hour: Brother Wease

Rochester radio legend Brother Wease from The Wease Show on Radio 95.1 called into Hoppe Hour. He talks about the future of radio, how he approaches his show, and more!

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Ryan Hoppe calls Julian on B96

Back in July 2006, I called “Julian the Night Ninja” during his first week on the air. I was a little brat back then (lol) so I called in and gave my opinion to Julian. I have of course come to respect his career and I always listened to J & Julian…