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Nicole Sandler's daily fix of the latest news and fascinating guests with a healthy dose of snark and humor.

The Nicole Sandler Show is probably one of the longest-running online shows. Nicole Sandler moved to the internet from Air America Radio the night the network went off the air in January of 2010.

The show is a mix of news, conversations with guests, plus opinions and occasional rants, calls from listeners and a healthy dose of humor and snark.

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Content details: This show sometimes contains adult language/themes.

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4-23-21 What’s News

20210422 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein

It’s Thursday, so that means that Howie Klein of Down with...

4-22-21 What’s News

20210421 Nicole Sandler Show – 10 Years Later

Today, we get in the wayback machine and go back a...

4-21-21 What’s News

20210420 Nicole Sandler Show – Guilty On All Counts!

The verdict was announced in the Derek Chauvin trial for the...

4-20-21 What’s News

20210419 Nicole Sandler Show – Guns Are Killing Us; Cops Are Too

4-19-21 What’s News