Emma Gaquin

Northern, Marketing Guru, Intuitive Coach

Northern, Marketing Guru, Intuitive Coach


Hi, I’m Emma, one of the hosts of RelationSHIFT. You might hear me drop a "wicked" or a "y'all" here or there because I pick up words that make me smile.

Since my co-host Bo and I moved out of our D.C. apartment in January of 2020, I’ve taken up a bit of a vagabond lifestyle in my jeep, venturing between MA and D.C.

I work in ed tech because I believe in accessible education, I love a fast pace, and the people are motivating. Teaching fitness is a part of my routine because, if I don’t move my body, my mind goes wild. Plus, I love cultivating community through sweat—and making playlists is an art form!

I wanted to start RelationSHIFT because I struggle with change even though I am a glutton for growth. I worry that every time I change something, I’ll lose something. While that may be true, there’s way too much goodness and growth out there for me to stay the same forever. Cheers to being comfortable in discomfort!