11. Essentials of Rest & Air

Kefi L!fe
Kefi L!fe
11. Essentials of Rest & Air

11. Essentials of Rest & Air: 8 Core Principles of Health and Wellness Continued


Rest and air — not a luxury but a life necessity. Babies are great teachers!

Repair mode can happen while resting in the fresh air.

Pictured here Kiki catching a catnap in mountains of Armenistis, Ikaria. 


Today’s Lexi: 

Ξεκουρασου — Xekourasou (Rest)

In this episode: 

This week, Kathy Napleton, Nourished founder and Wellness Chef, shares the 3rd and 4th principles of Health and Wellness, which are rest and fresh air.  Feed your body with oxygen, open your windows and maximize the hours of sleep which put you into repair mode!  The Blue Zones are excellent when it comes to putting these principles to work. Kiki had the opportunity to visit one of the Blue Zones: Ikaria, Greece. Longevity and wellness is not a myth but a way of life in Ikaria.  

Kathy Napleton, CNC: a firm believer in the value of rest and air.  Get yours today!


Today’s Ola Kala Moment:

Your Ola Kala Moment includes fun and natural ways to disinfect your home with DYI (Do It Yourself) recipes. You would be surprised at the power of baking soda and vinegar. The more you utilize homemade cleaners and fresheners the more you will seek them!!



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