113. Women’s Health with Helen A. Nikolas, MD

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113. Women’s Health with Helen A. Nikolas, MD

113. Women’s Health with Helen A. Nikolas, MD

May is Women’s Health Month, and Dr Helen (Lena) Nikolas with a specialty in Gynecology joins Kefi L!fe to inspire all the ladies to take good care with professional and proven actions.

Dr. Lena

Dr. Lena with Kiki

Today’s Lexi: 

Γυναίκα- Gynaíka- Woman

In Today’s Episode:

Kiki is honored to welcome Dr. Helen (Lena Nikolas), who holds a specialty in Gynecology.  She joins us with her passion for women and their health.  An undergraduate of Northwestern University in Chicago and with a medical degree from Loyola, Dr. Lena is well educated and informed to speak to the female population about wellness and health.

What exactly is the difference between OBGYN and Gynecology? 

Why did Lena select her specialty for practice?

We also discuss several things to consider for well-being such as annual health reminders, the reason most women do not schedule an annual check-up, and how does the patient/doctor relationship look?


  • The best way to advocate for oneself
  • Medicine is not one size fits all
  • How does the family history play a role in a women’s health?
  • Bone and health info
  • How much exercise should women get each day?
  • Information about calcium and how to best take it
  • Menopause and pregnancy tips
  • Self-care is not a quick fix…why?

A wonderful episode to celebrate the women in our lives and women you are special!!!

Today’s Ola Kala Moment:

Self Care



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