14. The Relatable Dietician

14. The Relatable Dietician

Meet Colleen Coffey, Registered Dietician.  She brings science and evidence to the art of eating!


Today’s Lexi: 

Θρέψη — Threp-see (Nutrition)

In this episode: 

This week, a fresh look at eating knowledgeably with the Relatable Dietician, Colleen Coffey. In this first of a three-week series on Nutrition Programs, you will get to know Colleen and learn that when your menu involves science, you are sure to live well and balanced. Her degree and masters in dietetics ensures that you will be taught the optimal way to eat leading you to an optimal way to live. 

Cooking the right foods could lead you to a positive body image.

Let’s make food less stressful and get over the fear of calories.  Time to embrace food as energy!

Colleen Coffey


Today’s Ola Kala Moment:

Your Ola Kala Moment brings 6 actionable tips to stay accountable with your weight and health. 



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