15: What Are You Putting Off?

15: What Are You Putting Off?

We have taken some time away from the last two impostor syndrome types from The Visibility Factor book to have some great conversations with leaders. Today we are going to talk about the 5th type which is called Delayer and Avoider – also known as procrastination.

The word procrastination means “the act of delaying or postponing something.”   With this type of impostor syndrome more than any other, people will use any means possible to stop themselves from doing something that makes them feel vulnerable to judgment or criticism.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Ways that people can leverage distractions to avoid things
  • A client example from The Visibility Factor Book is shared
  • Examples of what leaders may be putting off
  • Why procrastination happens
  • Coaching conversation with Aaron (a client) on his avoidance of influential conversations
  • Ways to take action even though procrastination is happening
  • Two simple ways to change your habits when it comes to delaying and avoiding things


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