166: FAITH – I Am Greek Orthodox

Kefi L!fe
Kefi L!fe
166: FAITH – I Am Greek Orthodox

166: FAITH – I Am Greek Orthodox

Kiki shares her faith and the value it brings to life.

Today’s Lexi: 

Επιστήμη – Epistimi – Science

In Today’s Episode:

This week Kiki is sharing highlights in chapter 3 of her upcoming book, which discusses faith.  As destiny will have it, this episode lines up with the upcoming Orthodox Pascha being celebrated on Sunday.

What is Orthodoxy?  Who practices and can everyone?

Discover personal and scientific reasons faith will improve mental and whole person health.   Where does one begin with faith, and once involved with it why is it helpful?


Music: Spiro Dussias

Vocals: Zabrina Hay

Graphic Designer: Susan Jackson O’Leary


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