18. Warrior Toughness, Preparation and Purpose

R.O.G. Return on Generosity
R.O.G. Return on Generosity
18. Warrior Toughness, Preparation and Purpose

18. Warrior Toughness, Preparation and Purpose: Acts of Service

“When morale seems to dip in organizations and you start to face that doubt, when you start to feel disillusionment set in, a lot of the times, it’s because you start to lose that sense of purpose.” 

Guest Info:

Stephen Drum is a combat-tested retired Navy SEAL Master Chief who has 27 years of experience leading and developing high-performance teams. As an in-demand speaker and consultant, he helps individuals and organizations such as CDW, Horizon Pharma, and 9 Energy develop leadership and performance strategies, so they can plan, prepare, and execute at the highest levels when it matters most.

Stephen has trained and led U.S. and foreign partner special operations forces on high-risk and strategically vital missions across the globe, including combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He recently co-developed and taught “Warrior Toughness” training for the U.S. Navy. This vital program fundamentally changed the culture of the Navy in how it trains and prepares young sailors and officers for the acute stress of intense combat operations.

During his Navy career, Stephen has personally trained thousands of elite military soldiers and Navy SEAL candidates, helping them succeed in severe training courses and overseas combat operations.

Favorite Quote:

“When it comes to business: I am a professional, I don’t crumble when things get hard, I exist to be of service.”



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