20240418 Thursdays with DownWithTyranny’s Howie Klein on the Nicole Sandler Show

The Nicole Sandler Show
20240418 Thursdays with DownWithTyranny's Howie Klein on the Nicole Sandler Show

Another Thursday has arrived, which means we have two things going for us today: 1. Howie Klein is here and 2. Tomorrow’s Friday so the weekend is near. This has been a crazy week at a moment in history that promises to be among the craziest, certainly in our lifetimes!

The number of jurors seated in the first criminal trial of TFGDJT has dropped from 7 to 5. Why? Because the defendant is intimidating potential jurors, thumbing his nose at the judge’s orders not to do that. And the media is also complicit.
We’ll discuss that and more. Like the madness of Marjorie Traitor Greene who today introduced a few batshit amendments, including one to fund those pesky Jewish space lasers at the southern border. You can’t make this stuff up…

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