33. Nicky Westhead – Arloesan

R.O.G. Return on Generosity
R.O.G. Return on Generosity
33. Nicky Westhead - Arloesan

33. Nicky Westhead – Arloesan

Imagine if leaders were measured and rewarded on their emotional intelligence, their empathy skills, their acts and demonstrations of generosity?

Guest Info:

Nicky is a Global Executive Leadership Pioneer, Coach and Group Engager blending thirty years as a Professional Certified and Organizational Leadership Coach, Chartered Psychologist, founder and entrepreneur in her business Arloesan, named after her welsh roots: Arloesan means pioneer and trail-blazer. She has worked in many countries and industries in roles as an executive senior leader, consulting director, team and people leader, facilitator and coach. Nicky is a lifelong adventurer and traveler, spouse/partner, is the Nexus Connector for her global family/friends (is a fun aunt), is a professional community advocate, mentor to high-school and college students, live performance and soccer aficionado, and world gin-collector. She brings an international and future-oriented perspective to her work, is agile and change resilient from moving for work and relocating over 12 times in the past 25 years between the UK, Europe and USA. She adds travels to China, South Africa and Brazil for sport and nature adventures to her repertoire of places visited. Outside of the business arena, she is an Ironman Leader Mindset Coach and Pilates expert on readiness and mental agility for international triathlon events; this keeps her actively on her toes!! 

Life motto and values: ‘leverage connections for and to others.’ Known as Nexus Nicky, I am a Connector and ‘have no regrets.’ Lean into it, why not? (Risk-taker!)

Favorite Quote:

“Experience life to the fullest edges.”



Nicky Westhead, Arloesan. Production team: Nani Shin, Sheep Jam Productions, QodPod network