34. Spotlight on Masticha – a Wonder of the World & Wellness Resin for the Whole Person

Kefi L!fe
Kefi L!fe
34. Spotlight on Masticha - a Wonder of the World & Wellness Resin for the Whole Person

34. Spotlight on Mastiha – a Wonder of the World & Wellness Resin for the Whole Person

Mastiha is beneficial to one’s health, but what is it?

Discover the bountiful advantages to a “gift of nature” exclusively grown on the Greek island of Chios, but available worldwide.

Dimitris B. Kantolios


Today’s Lexi: 

Χρήση — Chrísi (Use)

Mastiha Trees and Mastiha Sap


In this episode: 

Kefi L!fe is honored to welcome Dimitrios B. Kontolios, Supreme President, United Chios Societies of America & Canada, for an inside look at the world renowned Mastiha. Today we discover the wellness benefits of a resin that grows wildly in the microclimate of Chios, Greece.    Dimitrios describes what Masiha is, how do you benefit from it, why is the sap so uniquely important and where can you get it? 

Since the age of antiquity to modern day living, Mastiha has been a valuable commodity for its coveted medical cures.  Doctors have experienced patient improvements with stomach ulcers and oral health because of using Mastiha.  The New England Journal reports research shows that even low doses of mastic gum can cure peptic ulcers.  This precious commodity is also great in the world of skin care.  You can drink Mastiha too, and its delicious after dinner. 

Wow, don’t miss Dimitirios, family roots in Chios, as he reveals the beauty of this hidden jewel distinctively grown on of the fifth largest island in Greece.


Sap bubbling from Mastiha tree

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Today’s Ola Kala Moment asks you to consider the proper way to chew.





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