35. Accepting Adversity with the Adversity Rockstar, Aric H. Morrison

Very Happy Stories
Very Happy Stories
35. Accepting Adversity with the Adversity Rockstar, Aric H. Morrison

Have you accepted adversity? In this episode, Liza interviews the Adversity Rockstar, Aric H. Morrison. Aric is the Award-Winning Author of “Adversity Rockstar: A Systematic Approach to Facing Life’s Hardships Head On.” He is also an international speaker and expert in human behavior and managerial leadership.

Through his personal story, Aric reveals how he transformed after being faced with the biggest adversity of his life. Moreover, his personal website to update friends and family on the status of his critically ill son quickly went viral and became a global symbol of hope and inspiration around the world. Today Aric shares his mindset to overcome all adversity and his number one piece of advice — acceptance. Listen to this episode and gain a mindset reset in tackling your own adversity today.

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