4: Mina’s Story – Food

4: Mina's Story - Food

On this weeks episode of RelationSHIFT we chat with Mina Roukbi (Intuitive Eating Counselor/Eating Disorder/NASM,CPT,RYT Certified Instructor), about her relationship with food, living with an eating disorder, and her #ICON status here in Washington, DC. During this conversation we discuss the continual journey with food, disordered eating, and many more topics surrounding body neutrality. 

*Trigger Warning: Some of the topics discussed here may be triggering for people who have an eating disorder, are in recovery, or know someone with an eating disorder.  We are not professionals and are merely highlighting the stigma and journey of one individual's experience. Please seek out a professional help if you have questions. 

Mina's Website: https://www.mindfullymina.com/
Resources: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support