40. Upon Reflection (with Randy Hain)

40. Upon Reflection (with Randy Hain)

Randy Hain is the founder and president of Serviam Partners (ServiamPartners.com) and the co-founder of the Leadership Foundry (MyLeadershipFoundry.com). With a successful 30+ year career in senior leadership roles, corporate talent and executive search, he is a sought-after executive coach for senior leaders at some of the best-known companies in the U.S. who are seeking candid and expert guidance on how to identify and overcome obstacles to their success or develop new leadership skills. He is also an expert at onboarding and cultural assimilation for senior leaders as well as helping senior leadership teams improve trust, collaboration and candid communication. Randy’s deep expertise in building trusting business relationships and his respectfully candid approach are true areas of differentiation for him and Serviam Partners.  

He is a husband, father, active community leader and serves on the boards of the causes he cares about most. Randy has earned a reputation as a creative business partner and generous thought leader through his books, articles and speaking engagements. Randy is the award-winning author of nine books, including the brand new Upon Reflection: Helpful Insights and Timeless Lessons for the Busy Professional and 2021’s Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation

  • Randy shares why the book was important for him to write.
  • He explains what the overall message he wants people to take away from reading the book.
  • He shares whether or not pulling the things he learned from his Mom into the advice he shares and the metaphor about removing dead trees have been impactful for his readers.
  • He shares his experience with impactful people in his life.
  • He shares with the audience his take on FOMO.
  • He explains why he chose to focus on the specific terms: thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness.   
  • He shares his favorite part of this book.
  • He has written many books and coached many leaders, and shares what he wants to be remembered for.

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