46. Visibility for Introverts

46. Visibility for Introverts 

This episode is for the introverts out there in companies who want visibility, but don’t know how to get it for themselves. Introverts see the extroverts out in the world who love to speak up and enjoy the limelight and wonder how they can compete with that?

In this episode: 

  • When did extroverts and introverts first become types that were identified?
  • My belief was that the world is made up of extroverts and they are the ones who are successful. I used to wonder if “I could be a successful leader, even though I am an introvert?”
  • Assumptions that introverted leaders aren’t as strong as extroverted leaders. But introverts are stronger listeners, more empathetic and introspective.  They may not the loudest one in the room, but they can still get their point across when they do speak.
  • Ways that introverts can be successful are reviewed and how they can complement extroverts.
  • Client case study on how she was impacted by being an introvert and what she learned.
  • Networking steps for introverts that help you be confident and ideas on how to do it.

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