59. Surviving The Hard Days with Your Neurodivergent Child

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59. Surviving The Hard Days with Your Neurodivergent Child

We’ve all been there… on the days where the meltdowns last extra long and we are frustrated, isolated, and barely surviving. It’s exceptionally hard when you have an exceptional child. In this episode, Liza interviews Megan Champion, mother, educator, and community creator dedicated to supporting moms with neurodivergent kids. Megan shares her story of how she overcame her feelings of shame and guilt while tirelessly navigating those early years with her twice-exceptional son. She discusses the importance of community with other moms, self-forgiveness, and validation. More importantly, Megan tells us how she finally stepped into her parenting empowerment by finding the mom she needed to be from within, instead of following all the other parenting advice for typical kids. If your child is neurodivergent, twice-exceptional, autistic, or has a learning difference, this is a must-listen. Learn why following your intuition is the best course of action for our neurodivergent families. 

Connect with Liza’s Guest, Megan Champion

The On The Hard Days podcast & community was created by Megan Champion, a mother of three, educator of 14 years, and supporter of struggling moms everywhere.

Raising my out-of-the-box child has been the challenge of my life. Creating a community of like-minded mothers who truly get it has put me on a mission to bring us together. This is a judgment-free zone for mothers in the trenches. Welcome to On The Hard Days.


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