60. Are There Connections Between ASD, PANS and Bartonella? One Mom’s Story of Healing Hijacked Brains

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60. Are There Connections Between ASD, PANS and Bartonella? One Mom’s Story of Healing Hijacked Brains

In this episode, Liza interviews Debbie Kimberg, mother, advocate, and author. Debbie spent years helping her children and herself recover from Autism, ADHD, and other psychiatric issues caused by stealth infections overlooked by traditional medicine. These infections included Lyme and Bartonella.

Today, Debbie is a board member of Project Lyme, Mother’s Against Lyme, and an administrator of multiple Facebook groups on Tick-borne Disease, PANS, and autism. Debbie and many others in the field are shining a light on the connections between Bartonella and disorders like ASD and ADHD.

We talk about a very important piece of the PANS puzzle – Congenital Lyme. In fact, Debbie and I both unknowingly passed Lyme and Bartonella onto our children, including our children diagnosed with PANS and ASD. This is an important episode you need to listen to. We are discussing topics that many moms are dealing with today and so many people just aren’t talking about it. Tune in.

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