65: How Do You Know When Your Child’s Disorder Is More Than Just Neurodiversity?

Very Happy Stories
Very Happy Stories
65: How Do You Know When Your Child’s Disorder Is More Than Just Neurodiversity?

How do you know when your child’s condition is more than their learning disabilities and beyond the umbrella of neurodiversity? Liza’s guest today is CC Davis. CC is a certified wellness and mindset coach. She is passionate about helping other moms and she learned the most from her number one client – Herself.

CC’s story is much like other moms in our complex community. While her daughter was diagnosed with several learning disabilities under the neurodivergent umbrella, improvements were not being made. In fact, her daughter’s condition worsened. It was the help of other mothers along the way that continued to bring CC the hope and awareness she needed. CC made it out of the darkness and is living an empowered parenting life. In this interview CC shares her daughter’s story and provides valuable mindset tools and practical advice you can use right now to help you start shifting out of negativity and into empowerment. This conversation is all about peeling away those tough onion layers and implementing the tools that create lasting change, not just for us, but for our kids who are healing. We discuss mindfulness, accountability, affirmations and manifesting an empowered life. Get out of survival mode and listen today.

More about Liza’s Guest:

CC Davis is a certified wellness & mindset coach who is passionate about helping other moms restore their bodies, minds, and spirits.After struggling for many years, CC cured her own chronic pain and transformed into her most energetic, strongest self.CC’s Resilience Coaching is for any woman who wants more from life but might just need a little encouragement and support to get there.

CC is a mom to 3 amazing kids. While she rarely shares specifics about her kids, CC openly shares her own journey of a struggling mom facing challenges and crises beyond what she’s ever felt capable of handling.Made To Be Their Mom was born from a reminder by another special needs mom on a particularly hard day when CC was lost, exhausted, scared, and totally overwhelmed.

Now CC is writing a book entitled Made To Be Their Mom: Affirmations for Hope & Resilience.She’s especially passionate about connecting with and supporting mamas dealing with any and all of the following: PANS/PANDAS, autism/PDA, ADHD, mold illness & remediation, OCD, school avoidance, unschooling, sleep issues.

In addition to coaching, CC owns and operates Corporate Cakes alongside her husband.She credits her many, many mindset tools and consistent focus on radical self-care with staying sane and grounded during all of the above.


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