65. Leveraging Opportunities to Show Your Value

65. Leveraging Opportunities to Show Your Value

Today’s episode is focused on how to leverage opportunities to show your value. When you look at the choices that you make every day, are you focused on doing the easy things that keep you in the background or the harder things that could put you into the spotlight? This isn’t always a conscious thought, but more than likely the easy things are what you already know and would be considered the safer choices. 

Finding gaps, problems to solve and identifying solutions can be hard and that is why no one else is doing them. Choosing these harder options are giving you a way to stand out. They can help you be more visible and give you more career options. They are scarier to do and will require you to put yourself out there, but what if you did them well? What if people saw you in a new way because you tried doing them? Focus on doing something that pushes you out of your comfort zone and can provide so many more opportunities for you.

In this episode:

  • Are you staying safe or are you finding ways to put yourself out there in a bigger way?
  • Look for the problems that no one else is solving so you can stand out.
  • What can happen if you work on gaps, problems and solving them?
  • Taking the initiative to solve problems and gaps shows your management, your interest in building skills, and being ready for more.
  • Are you spending your time working on the high value things?
  • Take advantage of opportunities to build a bigger career for yourself.

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