67: How One Man Overcame Childhood PANS/PANDAS and Now Helps Others

Very Happy Stories
Very Happy Stories
67: How One Man Overcame Childhood PANS/PANDAS and Now Helps Others

What is the one thing all mothers want to know? It’s this… Will my child ever heal? The answer is YES. Today, Liza interviews Ethan Pompeo, Founder of Green Valley Nutrition, a top-selling CBD oil brand.

Ethan shares how his life was suddenly interrupted by PANS/PANDAS when he was thirteen. He suffered from an onset of tics, as well as OCD. Like most children, the journey for a diagnosis and treatment seemed endless and frustrating. There was no magic pill that healed him. However, Ethan did overcome this complex condition and shares the practices beyond medication that helped him including foundational changes like a morning routine, proper nutrition, passion and hobbies, weight lifting, and CBD. Ethan’s passion for his community and his products continue to heal him long term.

Today it is estimated that 1 in 200 children in the U.S. alone experience PANDAS/PANS. You are not alone. Ethan’s story will give you the inspiration and validation that you are looking for in this journey. Healing is possible and our children are here to change the world.

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