7. The Body Beautiful – Part 2

7. The Body Beautiful – Part 2

The Beautiful Body series continues with Part 2, exploring Activation and Belly Breathing techniques.


Today’s Lexi: 

κίνησις — Kinesis (Movement)


In this episode: 

This week, Athletic Trainer Maura Gates of Flex Activation & Wellness returns to continue the discussion on Neuro Muscular Activation, a technique which detects pain. Learn it, and how to apply Belly Breathing to your routine. There are simple and practical ways to live well; Maura shares some of them with you!


Today’s Ola Kala Moment:

Your Ola Kala Moment enlightens you on the benefit of Hydrotherapy, or water cure.  Have knee problems or back issues? You will want to try Hydrotherapy.



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