73: How To Find Joy when Life Robs You of Joy, with Two Alpha Gals

Very Happy Stories
Very Happy Stories
73: How To Find Joy when Life Robs You of Joy, with Two Alpha Gals

Ever heard of someone being allergic to red meat? Alpha-Gal Syndrome (ASG) is commonly known as the red meat allergy, but it’s much more than that. Alpha-Gal Syndrome is an illness transmitted by a tick where you become allergic to mammal meat and mammal byproducts. Symptoms range from itchiness to vomiting to anaphylaxis. Although there is a simple blood test for Alpha-Gal Syndrome, there is a significant lack in awareness, even in the medical community. This illness mimics Lyme disease and on average takes seven years to get properly diagnosed. What’s more, it affects your entire way of life, as mammal byproducts are often found in EVERYTHING.

This empowering conversation addresses acceptance and grief and how to experience joy in life despite feeling robbed of the joy in your life. In this episode, Liza speaks with Two Alpha Gals, Debbie and Candice. After years of physical pain, serious GI issues and ongoing mystery illness, both gals were diagnosed with Alpha-Gal Syndrome. Learn how these Two Alpha Gals (who are chefs and foodies) found their way to empowerment through the process of grief, acceptance and embracing their newfound lifestyle. This is a feel-good, inspirational episode and a Very Happy Story.

Connect with Two Alpha Gals

Candice Matthis and Debbie Nichols started blogging as Two Alpha Gals after they were diagnosed with alpha-gal syndrome in 2018 and 2019. Since then, they’ve been sharing tips and tricks on navigating life while living with the condition they contracted from ticks that makes them allergic to mammal meat and mammal byproducts. With appearances in The Atlantic and on The Today Show, The Skimm, Tick Boot Camp, and many other national and international podcasts and publications, Candice and Debbie continue to raise awareness of what it’s like to live with alpha-gal syndrome without sacrificing joy.

Both women live with their families and a ridiculous number of pets in the New River Valley of Virginia where they love to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.



Testing for Alpha-Gal Syndrome:

A simple blood test can check for Alpha-Gal Syndrome. Ask your PCP or allergist to do a simple blood test. The 2023 diagnosis code to test for alpha-Gal syndrome is: ICD-10-CM Z91.014.

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