75: Healing My Own Child from Lyme and PANS – The Interview with My Daughter

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75: Healing My Own Child from Lyme and PANS – The Interview with My Daughter

In this special episode, Liza shares details of her daughter’s story and how she healed herdaughter (Ava) from Lyme, Tick-Borne Diseases and PANS (Pediatric Acute-onsetNeuropsychiatric Syndrome) over the course of three years. Through this unique interview, Lizachronicles the many different phases of the journey, which first started with psychiatricpresentations including anxiety, OCD and an eating disorder. Together, mother and daughterdiscuss the many different treatments Ava used to battle her every-changing conditionsincluding chronic fatigue, psychosis, joint pain, and even seizure-like episodes. Some of thetreatments they shed light on include partial hospitalization programs, family therapy,antibiotics, whole body hyperthermia, IVIG and herbalprotocols.Listen to this story from the lens of the child too, as Ava shares the emotional strain of specificprograms and the healing tools that worked best for her–the patient. Together, they share thegood, the bad and the ugly.Ultimately,they share their Gratitude and their family’s very happy story.

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