84. A Quality Brand Attracts Quality Clients (with Kim Brundage)

84. A Quality Brand Attracts Quality Clients (with Kim Brundage)

Kim Brundage is a traveling premier personal branding and executive portrait photographer who helps entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, influencers, CEOs, and executives get branded photos that truly represent WHO they are, so they can show up authentically no matter where they share their photos. Kim is proud of her more than 140 5-star Google reviews from clients who have finally gotten branded photos they love sharing (after years of hating their headshots), increased their social media presence, and increased their revenue specifically because their branded photos genuinely represent them and their brand, which attracts their ideal clients again and again. From 2019 – 2023, Kim won three prestigious awards for her photography, including “Best Photographer in Richmond, VA.”

In this episode:

  • Kim shared how she first got started in photography.
  • She talked about her corporate career and the work she did in marketing and branding.
  • How she took the leap to bring together her love of photography and personal branding.
  • What she does that other photographers don’t do in this kind of work.
  • What she loves about her work with people on their branding and how she knows she got “the money shot!”
  • How she helps clients prepare for their photoshoot and get them in the best mindset for great results.
  • Her process to help clients feel comfortable and what her team does to help clients look their best.
  • How she and her husband made the decision to travel in their RV full time.
  • She shared what has been the most challenging and most rewarding part of living in the RV.
  • She shared how they decide where to travel to next and how she lets people know where she’ll be.
  • She recently celebrated 12 years in business and is excited to grow her company to the next level.

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