87. Visibility Can Be Fun

87. Visibility Can Be Fun

There is a myth that exists that I used to believe for a long time, and I have heard others share with me as well. Visibility is extra work…it’s hard to do…I don’t have time for it.

All those thoughts will be true if that is what you believe. However, what if you looked at visibility in a different way? What if you thought about gaining visibility as something that is easy to do…that it doesn’t add extra time and that it could actually be fun and playful?

Fun can have a positive impact on your personal brand authenticity. When you inject fun and creativity into your personal brand, you are showcasing your personality and values in a unique way. This can help you establish a more authentic and genuine image that people can trust and rely on. Fun can also help you connect with your team, peers and management on a deeper level, which can help you build stronger relationships with them.

I invite you to stay open to this new possibility and way of thinking as you listen to today’s episode!

In this episode:

  • Quotes and insights from an article called “Why Do We Stop Playing?”
  • How are organizations looking at play as form of generating ideas and building an innovative culture.
  • What if you could overcome impostor syndrome through play?
  • Examples of how play can create more employee engagement.
  • Tips and ideas to unleash more play for you in your leadership and in your organization.
  • Inject more fun into your personal brand and leadership.
  • See the impact that fun and playfulness can have on your visibility.
  • Look for opportunities to leverage more fun into your team and workplace.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

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