88. Writing a Book Can Change Your Life

88. Writing a Book Can Change Your Life

As this episode is being recorded, it is The Visibility Factor’s 2nd book birthday! The book was published on November 2, 2021! I wanted to share with you all what the journey looked like for me at the beginning up until now. Many unexpected things have occurred, and it all started with a dream to help others avoid the struggles that I went through many years ago. Do you have a dream for yourself that you would like to create? It may not be writing a book, but whatever it is, I hope you will pursue it!

In this episode:

  • How I got involved with AJ Harper who helped me learn how to write The Visibility Factor book
  • Being vulnerable and fearful of putting the book out into the world
  • Teaching a class to test out the content and the reviews of what the participants learned
  • Types of opportunities that have been able to do because of the book
  • Reviews of the book from pre-readers and trade reviewers
  • Appreciation to all the people and communities who have helped to support my writing

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

Link to order The Visibility Factor if you would like to purchase a copy. If you have already read the book, thank you so much! 😊 Please leave a review so others can hear what you experienced by reading the book!


To learn more about AJ Harper and her Top 3 Book Workshop. Please let her know you heard about her program on The Visibility Factor Podcast!


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