9. Just Say No (a.k.a. Boundaries)

The Visibility Factor
The Visibility Factor
9. Just Say No (a.k.a. Boundaries)

9. Just Say No (a.k.a. Boundaries)

In episode 6, I talked about impostor syndrome, how it can impact your success and the six types of impostor syndrome from my book, The Visibility Factor. I will include the link to that episode in the show notes so you can go back and listen to it if you missed it. Today’s episode is going to focus on the second type of impostor syndrome: just say no (a.k.a) boundaries.

(You will notice that this type of impostor syndrome has a lot of overlap with the first type of impostor syndrome we talked about in Episode 8: Are You an Agreeable Accommodator?)

In this episode:

  • What are boundaries?
  • What does someone who can’t say no or has no boundaries look like?
  • Reasons that saying no can be hard.
  • Examples of how to say no to your manager or a friend without breaking the relationship
  • How do you know that you are letting others break your boundaries?
  • What happens when you say yes to everyone else?
  • Key questions to ask yourself and others to ensure you maintain your boundaries
  • What are some prepared responses you can use when you need to say no.
  • Rise and Shine Visibility Tip


  • Click here to listen to Episode 8 – “Are You an Agreeable Accommodator?”
  • Click here to listen to Episode 6 – “Fear and Impostor Syndrome.”
  • Click here to listen to Episode 4 – “Heart Value with Mary Tess Rooney”
  • Click here to read “3 Simple Steps to Establishing Boundaries that Stick” from the Curry Psychology Group



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