Aurelie Galios and Christian Lima – French culture and the art of pleasure

Into the Dawn
Aurelie Galios and Christian Lima - French culture and the art of pleasure

Aurélie Galois is a painter and a writer.

While studying literature (at Sorbonne University) and history of art (at the
School of the Louvre), she learned every traditional technique of painting,
drawing, and engraving in a private studio in Paris. As a young editor in chief for
several magazines and freelance writer, she started to paint the portraits of
those she was interviewing. Faces and bodies become her favorite landscape,
and erotism has also been a frequent inspiration.

Christian Lima, is of Portuguese origin and was born in Paris and lived his entire life.
As an entrepreneur, he owns two cheese shops called “Fromages et ramage”
and is passionate about gastronomy and wines. He plays piano and pétanque
for many years and is renowned for being loud. He’s a lover of music, cinema, and human beings.

In this episode we discuss:

•What are the culture codes in France

•Why pleasure is the driving force behind their choices

•How the French view love/ romance/ sensuality and why the stereotype is

•Why it’s important or true that the French like to show off with nice clothes
and nice cars

•Why French have a different kind of openness than the American opens

•Love is friendship with sex

•Why men are just as vulnerable as women in France

•What sex means to the them

•France is deep in culture- but is it deep in self-awareness

•Why real artists are full of doubt and knowingness simultaneously

•What other countries could learn from the French culture

•Why a good conversation must have good food and good wine

•Why French think they are the best and why the men have huge egos

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