Dating with a Purpose

Disaster Dating 101
Disaster Dating 101
Dating with a Purpose

Homecoming is finally here… Sorry this isn’t a Homecoming episode. 

Natasha and Robyn are back, and they have been on a MENTAL HEALTH BREAK. Come join this disastrous journey as we discuss “Dating with a Purpose”. What does that look like?

In this episode, we focus on:

  • Defining Your Relationship Goals: What are you looking for?
  • Is it okay to be unsure or create these goals from trial and error?
  • Cultural Values in Dating: Balancing tradition and modernity in relationships.


  • Creating our own traditions 


Written by Natasha Renee

Disaster Dating 101 was recorded and produced by Natasha Renee

Original music was created and produced by Khizman at Rec Room Recording Studio, Chesapeake, VA

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