Ep.158 One Cold Dark Night (Throwback)

UFO Chronicles Podcast
UFO Chronicles Podcast
Ep.158 One Cold Dark Night (Throwback)

For the remainder of the year I will be doing a Throwbacks where I re-release old episodes from the archives. So don’t worry if you have heard it already as a ‘New episodes’ will continue to come out on Thursdays and Sundays. The idea is to get some of the old episodes heard as they have very little downloads from the first few seasons, compared to newer episodes.

We have two interesting witness encounters tonight, starting off with Rich in Pennsylvania and his sightings of orbs of light in the early 2000s close to the Delaware River. The orbs would fly in an erratic motion, dip and hover above the treetops casting no light on the surrounding area, even though it appeared to be made of light. And then we welcome Alex from Northampton UK and his unexplained incident that occurred on a stretch of the A45 in 1997, when he was menaced by a very bright light following him. Alex will also be sharing some of his paranormal experiences that’s been going on in his house.

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