Ep.58 Ovnis

UFO Chronicles Podcast
UFO Chronicles Podcast
Ep.58 Ovnis

Episode: 58

Today’s guest is Giovanni and he will be sharing three sightings, the first was in Paramount, Ca, in June of 2001. He was over at his family’s house for a party and they saw a bright red glowing orb approach them from the southeast and then stop in the sky. It then began it’s spiral upward and shot off to the east with no sound at all. His second sighting was on January 14, 2014, he was at his parent’s home in the front yard when he looked up at the night sky and I saw what looked like two bombers with no lights, silent, stealthy, and flying side by side blending in with the night sky. they were gliding along. His third and final sighting was in July 2018, he was outside of his townhome in Upland, Ca, it was about 8:30 pm when he went outside to just enjoy the night breeze when he looked up and from the east, he could see what looked like a flying lantern a Chinese lantern style craft that lit up all red & then green. It was silent, no wings, moved quick, made turns with little to no effort and it circled around his home. He felt extreme anxiety and began to vomit in his restroom as he ran inside due to fear. It was getting extremely close. As far as his sleep paralysis episode that happened last summer while Giovanni was renting out a room from a lady in Ontario, Ca, He was awake facedown but couldn’t move, and felt an entity in his room.

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