Ep.70 The Phantom Car

UFO Chronicles Podcast
UFO Chronicles Podcast
Ep.70 The Phantom Car

Episode: 70

Our guest this episode is Owen from Philadelphia, and as long as he can remember has had paranormal and overall bizarre things happen to him. This story is one that has always stuck out with him. When he was 17 years old, himself and his friends were crossing a road in southern New Jersey at night, at around 10:30 pm when a car appeared out of thin air merely inches from his friend Nick and without a step, Nick leapt 4 feet high and 6 feet long over the median in the road and rolled. In the matter seconds that this happened he looked back at the car and it was gone. Not a trace of it and no sound of brakes screeching or an engine sounds. Shaken up and confused about what just happened they crossed the road and began walking back to Nick’s house. In about 5-10 minutes his parents pulled up and were very concerned saying that they were looking for them after they hadn’t come home for their curfew and it’s now 1:00 am. For years he has tried to figure out what happened to them with the missing time or how Nick could jump that high and far without even stepping. He often wondered if it was an act of god and if so why the missing time? He has tried to bring this event up with my friends and they’re very apprehensive about discussing it. He’s had strange incidents happen since then including being followed by orbs and his mother has had many encounters with UFOs and abductions.

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