Episode 33 – The Jetsons vs The Flintstones (The Future vs the Past)

Capital G Podcast
Capital G Podcast
Episode 33 - The Jetsons vs The Flintstones (The Future vs the Past)

When Richard Branson’s Virgin Space Ship Unity 22 launched into space on Sunday, July 11, it was more than a passion project for one of the world’s billionaires. It was emblematic of where we find ourselves, in America and around the globe: engaged in a fight for progress against people who would prefer a return to the past. Capital G Podcast host Greer McVay, shares her enthusiasm for space travel and the miracles of technology and compares it to today’s Republican Party, fighting with everything they’ve got to prevent progress. And in the process, The Former Guy is using his influence to save himself instead of using it to advance the nation or leave a positive mark on the world.

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