Episode 40 – Putting the United back into U.S.

Capital G Podcast
Capital G Podcast
Episode 40 - Putting the United back into U.S.

In this episode of the Capital G Podcast, host Greer McVay provides an update on what you might expect just around the corner, as The Former Guy is experiencing the screws tightening. The Republican field is expanding but Trump’s world is shrinking as Jack Smith, Fani Willis and others are closing in. But through it all, President Biden is plugging away delivering for the American people.

After a month-long haitus since the last episode, Greer had the opportunity to travel cross-country with her son, Donovan, following his graduation from college with a degree in Political Science…and they met interesting people on that journey, two of which Greer references as she highlights the beauty of America’s “fly-over” country and the bipartisanship that binds U.S.

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