Janae Marie Kroc: Pronouns and Everything in Between

Into the Dawn
Into the Dawn
Janae Marie Kroc: Pronouns and Everything in Between

Janae Marie “Kroc” Kroczaleski is a transgender woman who also identifies as gender fluid and non-binary. Prior to transition, she was a world champion and a record-holding powerlifter, and a national-level bodybuilder. Also, she is a United States Marine, who was selected to work in presidential security under President Clinton, a cancer survivor, a published author, a licensed pharmacist, a public speaker, and a proud parent of three sons. Janae was the subject of the award-winning documentary, Transformer, which is currently available on Netflix and many other streaming services. She hopes that by openly sharing her experiences, she will inspire those who can relate and help educate those who don’t understand.

In this episode we discuss:

  • When Janae realized she didn’t identify as her gender and why she identifies as fluid, non-binary
  • What the biggest misconceptions are around pronouns and the gender binary system
  • What Janae thinks about transgender women competing in sports competitions
  • Why labels can cause misunderstandings and yet, labeling is inherent in all of our nature
  • Why it is a detriment to resist who you are
  • How culture is progressing to embrace androgynous individuals
  • What Janae wants most as a transgender woman

Connect with Janae
Instagram: @janaemariekroc
Website: www.janaekroc.com

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