Kefi L!fe Teaser

Kefi L!fe Teaser

Flourish and feel alive in mind, body and soul – the Greek way!  Join radio personality Kiki Vale on Kefi L!fe, a podcast that will enlighten listeners to discover ways to prosper in life and seize moments.  The energy and essence of our episodes is to lead you to a life where all is well — Ola Kala!  

Take care of the body through nutrition and movement.  Cultivate the mind through thought and discussion.  Nourish the soul through prayer, passion and “philotimo” — one of my favorite Greek words, and one that is uniquely Greek; it describes a way of life; the spirit of duty and doing what’s right and honorable even when difficult.  

Each week, Kiki will begin her episode with a logo, or word, to help harmonize your mind, body and soul.  Kefi, another formidable word, bringing joy, passion & soul to the podcast, will combine with the tenets of wellness.  Like a true Hellene, Kiki will share recipes, storytelling, commentary, expert interviews, all of which lean upon the knowledge and wisdom learned at the table of her Greek ancestors, philosophers and from leading doctors specializing in Integrative Medicine.  Kiki is a graduate of the school of Integrative Nutrition.

Tune in each week to build on a life of Ola Kala — All Is Well.

Launching March 11th, 2021!