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Let's Talk About Rock
Let's Talk About MTV

Ladies and Gentlemen…Rock n’ Roll. Those were the first words ever spoken on MTV when it premiered on August 1st, 1981 at 12:01am as Vinnie G talks about the summarized history of MTV, and its legacy in bringing music videos into the mainstream and giving many prominent artists more exposure even introducing us to the video jockey or VJ and even the many controversies MTV endured along the way. Vinnie looks at the MTV programs in the ’80’s and ’90’s that brought great music the masses like Alternative Nation, I.R.S. Presents the Cutting Edge, Total Request Live, 120 Minutes, Headbanger’s Ball. and its predecessor Heavy Metal Mania hosted by Dee Snider of Twisted Sister as they were essential to many prominent rock and pop artists. MTV may be a reality show haven now, but its heyday in the ’80’s and ’90’s is well remembered much more fondly and left its mark for better or for worse in rock’s legacy.